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The Nonstop Health Benefits Solution: Better Benefits for Less

Take Care of Your Workforce During COVID-19 and Beyond

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The current crisis has taught us that employer-sponsored healthcare isn’t just about total rewards, employee retention, or organizational growth. Rethinking employer-sponsored health benefits will be essential to economic and individual stability.

Saving money on your employer-sponsored health insurance without cost-shifting to employees is what businesses -- and their employees --  need right now. Nonstop Wellness is a proprietary health insurance solution that provides robust first-dollar coverage for your employees and premium savings for your organization. 

What truly sets Nonstop Wellness apart: 

  1. Eliminates or reduces out-of-pocket costs for employees
  2. Can reduce* employer-sponsored premiums year over year
  3. Does not require a change of broker or medical insurance carrier

* Recent New York clients with 50 or more employees saved an average of 5% to 30% on premiums with Nonstop Wellness.

Nonstop is proud to be a Member Vendor Partner (MVP) of Nonprofit New York. Contact Nonstop to see how our clients have saved on premiums.

Speakers include:

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson
Vice President of Sales

Rachel creates customized benefits packages for nonprofits and is a first line of contact for those interested in a savings analysis. She is committed to supporting community health, and access to affordable healthcare for everyone. Rachel spends most of her free time with her family, especially playing with children.

Derreck Smith

Derreck Smith
Senior Marketing Manager 
Derreck is passionate about creating people-focused strategies and programs that retain employees, maximize performance and strengthen teams. He is currently responsible for the development and growth of relationships with nonprofit industry associations through authentic connections and educational content. 

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