Executive Guide

How Brokers Can Use First-Dollar Coverage to Optimize Employer-Sponsored Health Plan Design

It’s time to move beyond the traditional funding models and offer a better solution.

In 2021, employers are reconsidering their approach to healthcare plan design to ensure it is both affordable and equitable to all employees. They each must find resources to optimize costs and increase employee security, well-being, and peace of mind. They each must adopt a greater share of responsibility for equity in healthcare as well.

Brokers can deliver on these goals by including first-dollar coverage in innovative designs for employer-sponsored health benefits. First-dollar coverage can remove the financial barriers to accessing care, ensuring greater health equity for employees and their families. For employers, the first-dollar coverage approach can provide competitive and financial advantages over traditional designs alone.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • Aspects of the healthcare crisis affecting your clients and their employees today
  • How you can provide more equitable and financially predictable health benefit plans
  • How innovative first-dollar coverage contributes to a better result for employers and employees
  • Next steps towards realizing a more equitable healthcare future

Speakers include:

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson
Vice President of Sales

Rachel creates customized benefits packages for nonprofits and is a first line of contact for those interested in a savings analysis. She is committed to supporting community health, and access to affordable healthcare for everyone. Rachel spends most of her free time with her family, especially playing with children.

Derreck Smith

Derreck Smith
Senior Marketing Manager 
Derreck is passionate about creating people-focused strategies and programs that retain employees, maximize performance and strengthen teams. He is currently responsible for the development and growth of relationships with nonprofit industry associations through authentic connections and educational content. 

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